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Shop - Omnitech s.r.o, welding without compromise


  • Welding and Cutting Apparatuses
    (MIG/MAG and TIG welding apparatuses for welding with a coated electrode, plasma cutting apparatuses)
  • Accessories + Spare Parts for Welding Apparatuses and Torches
    (MIG/MAG,TIG or plasma welding torches, earthing cables, sockets, plugs, earthing clamps, tongs, electrode holders, welding cables (diameters: 16, 25, 35, 50), cable eyes)
  • Torch and Weld Treatment Tools
    (sprays + pastes, chipping hammers, wire brushes - manual, radial, pot, shank)
  • Protective Aids
    (working and welding gloves, respirators, ear plugs, earphones, goggles + shields + spare Perspex, spare glass to helmets and goggles)
  • Autogenous Devices and Spare Parts
    (Pressure reducing valves + manometers, sealing, welding and cutting adapters, warming and cutting tips, PB arcing and warming torches, safety fuses, oxygen and acetylene hoses, hose clips, handles, welding and cutting sets, mechanical lighters + stones, mirrors, exchange of damaged autogenous devices)
  • Exhaust Plants
    (NEDERMAN exhaust plants, welding helmet exhaust systems)
  • SPERIAN OPTREL Welding Helmets
    (Entire SPERIAN OPTREL assortment, spare parts for helmets, AIR FLOW exhaust units)
  • Additional Welding Materials
    (MIG/MAG and TIG welding wires and tubes, coated electrodes of any type, soft and hard soldering guns)
  • Tools
    (Tongs, screwdrivers, files (handles), hand saws, rivet tongs, rivets, spanners (fork, shifting), drills (iron, concrete), rules (folding, push-pull), calipers)
  • FERM Tools
    (Angular and vibrating grinders, drills, reciprocating saws, spare lamellas, gassing guns)
  • Grinding and Slitting Discs
    (a great choice of grinding and slitting discs in any dimension)
  • Lubricating Sprays
    (Universal BRUNOX -TURBO-SPRAY - lubricating, cleaning, contact, dissolving spray)

Palackeho 28,664 Tetcice
Phone / fax: 546 411 704, GSM: 606 355 439,

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